According to, in the U.S., the earliest risers are people in their prime earning years; one-third or more of those aged 30-59 are out of bed by 6 a.m.

For most, blissful sleep is interrupted by the insidious honking of an alarm and silenced with a quick hit of the snooze button. During that additional ten minutes of sleep, many find their minds beginning to race and mentally create an agenda for the day. With an already racing mind of listed tasks, random thoughts, even perhaps stressful conversations that need some form of resolution – morning solitude and serenity is slipping away…

Dawning of a new day

Dawning of a new day

In ancient biblical times, the rising of the sun signaled the end of night and relief from concerns, and the approach of daylight provided opportunity for renewed daily activity. The light of dawn following darkness was a symbol of hope and vindication. According toNehemiah 4:21 and 8:3, important activity begins at dawn; no wonder many of us are wrought with distraction before sunrise. Those early morning hours provide opportunity for action filled prayers to radically shift our current circumstance and breakthrough in the lives of those whom we pray for.

Perhaps you have tried rising early for prayer and devotional time hoping to invoke feelings of serenity and clarity for a more productive day. Yet, only to find it impossible with a racing mind and anxiety creeping in time is slipping away with every wandering and drifting thought.

Without surrendering your white flag, you begin to read books and listen to audios on how to jam seven hours into three in an attempt to become more efficient for “me” and family time. You up your intake of vitamins and supplements, temporarily change your eating habits and join the gym… all attempting to continue ironing your shero/hero cape and not relent. Yet, feelings of fatigue, low energy, occasional mood swings and irritability have now become a part of your personality while stress and thoughts of depression are knocking at the door for permanent residency.

The Solution

In the search of happiness, fulfillment, security, financial stability, career advancement and other personal goals, true focus and intention can get lost. With so many distractions; a lack of direction and/or definite purpose, daily stressors, family responsibilities, demands of co-workers, expectations of others, and personal ambitions, our judgment gets cloudy leaving some in a standstill of hazy mental fog.

Lack of serenity skills to assist with balancing the surge of raging emotions that for some swing like pendulum; unfortunately resulting in the inability to focus and remain grounded. Adding overcare masked in “goodwill” to already jam-packed schedule can cause even greater complications and emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical strain.

This “strain” is the emotional baggage (knapsack) causing tension, headaches, fatigue, irritability and more. Trying to rearrange your day, adding supplements, vitamins and the like only temporarily mask the symptoms of what your body and spirit are trying to tell you. Burnout and exhaustion have arrived and if not tended, the toxicity from uncontrolled emotions can have catastrophic effects in the spirit, soul and body.

Your spirit eventually becomes weighed down which can leave feelings of doubt, insecurity and anxiety.Proverbs 12:25 provides a timely reminder that we should not allow anxiety to take root as it can “weigh us down”. Today we see more and more commercials for medications to treat the symptoms of depression. Depression has been commonly referred to as the “common cold” of mental illness sending more and more to see their primary care physicians for help.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a serenity skill that I have developed in preparation for daily devotional time. It provides a guide quiet the “white noise” or clear mental fog while learning to live a life of love and appreciation. It can provide some basics to develop compassion for self and others while building coherence between the heart and mind. Using the power of mindfulness meditation can assist with soul healing the soul while releasing toxic emotions.

Begin today

SEE List for Step by Step Instructions for finding your “Morning Glory”

Keeping in mind that we are three-part beings (spirit, soul and body), every part of you is connected. If you have a tense mind (which resides in your soul), you have a tense body.

Optimal results are achieved when allowing at least 20 minutes to perform The Morning Glory Serenity in the morning prior to your personal devotional time. It will assist you with clearing the clutter and the random thoughts that try to invade your mind as you seek wisdom in asking the Lord God to establish your thoughts and steps for the day.

Transformation take away

Remember, consistency is the key. The more consistent you are with other spiritual activities (attending church services, praying regularly, etc.) along with serenity skills such as Morning Glory, you can greatly reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

Morning Glory Serenity has the potential to bridge the gap between your heart and mind. Creating a daily routine will assist with replacing fear, worries, and anxieties with love and compassion.